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4NGELS is funded by the European Union with the goal of connecting business angels from different European countries. We have brought together partners from four countries: Estonia, Finland, Slovenia and Poland. Together we have created a programme to exchange knowledge and experience about  investing into startups by business angels.

Business angels are an essential part of the growth of the startup ecosystem and actively support startups in their countries. It is time to explore their potential in cross-border transactions.

Explore 4NGELS and join the programme to learn more about cross-border investing, meet business angels from other countries and get the best experience from the practitioners in the startup market. Participation in the programme is free of charge, but travel costs and participation in external events are not reimbursed.

The programme is also designed for startups who want to learn more about how to work with business angels internationally. 

We look forward to having you on board regardless of your level of experience!


Learn more about Partners

4NGELS is made up of:

- EstBAN (Estonia)
- FiBAN (Finland)
- Cobin Angels (Poland)
- Business Angels of Slovenia (Slovenia)

The project is coordinated by Civitta, originating from Estonia.

We have joined our experience and cross-border investment potential to give you the opportunity to participate in international deals. Together we form a network of over a thousand business angels who have invested over €500m in more than 7,000 startups. Through the 4NGELS programme, we want to share our experience and knowledge with you so that you learn about investment opportunities in Estonia, Finland, Slovenia and Poland.

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+500M €

If you are a business angel, you can take advantage of the international training, experience sharing sessions, investor coaching and cross-border investment materials available.

We also invite startup representatives to participate in dedicated coaching sessions and the best of them also to present at cross-border pitching events.

Events schedule:

Kick off #invest2Slovenia

5.03.2024, online
How to invest in Slovenia – a panel discussion showcasing Slovenian ecosystem


2.04.2024, online
Angel Training I: Decision making, deal flow access, evaluation, DD

10.04.2024, online
Angel Training II – AI in investing

24.04.2024, online
Angel Training II – AI in investing

6.05.2024, online
Angel Training IV – What happens after the investment? & top 4ngels startups pitching


28.03.2024, online
Startup Training I – Product market fit

11.04.2024, online
Startup Training II – Investment Readiness, How to structure a deal: Long term strategic plan for fundraising, Legal + Negotiations

25.04.2024, online
Startup Training III – How to pitch for the win

13-16.05.2024, on-site

Registration for business angels

You can attend international meetings of business angels and top experts. Meet investors, share knowledge and learn new skills. All this at your fingertips. You are welcome to take part in activities either onsite or remotely. Sign up and keep up to date with our events by using our newsletter to let us know about upcoming events for you.

Sign up and keep up to date with our events by using our newsletter to let us know about upcoming events for you.

Spring 2023 focus on Estonia
Autumn 2023 focus on Finland
Spring 2024 focus on Slovenia
Autumn 2024 focus on Poland

Registration for STARTUPS

Every startup needs access to the right resources, people, and advice to succeed. 4NGELS offers the opportunity to receive cross-border syndicated investment and education training, with one you'll get access to the tools and insights that will help you thrive.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed with feedback from experts in the industry and leading investors. Our program helps startups launch faster and increase their chances of success with investors during the local flagship events. Sign up today and take the first step.

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Follow our latest news and stay up to date with 4NGELS activities. Use free registration and receive information on a regular basis.


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Take the resources that have been produced by the 4NGELS project. We provide you with a full knowledge package on cross-border investments in Estonia, Finland, Slovenia and Poland.

Use the available materials and grow as a business angel and as a startup. Soon you will also be able to download the complete guidebook, which is a practical handbook for investors.

The guidebook is a comprehensive resource that will include information on the specifics of the analysed markets, legal aspects related to the investment and general knowledge about angel cross-border investments.

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4NGELS investors survey

4NGELS investors survey

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