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How do the best business angels in Poland invest?

Polish angel investment market in 2021

The Report presents the characteristics of angel investments made by the best business angels in Poland. It is a perfect source of knowledge for present and future private investors.

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What will you find in the Report?

Statistics on the angel investment market

and detailed information on investments

Business angels profile information and bios

and investment preferences

The most important startup investments

with business angels involvement in 2021

Comments by the most experienced angels

including Rafał Brzoska and Wojciecha Kostrzewa

Discover data and opinions about the early-stage investment market in Poland and the EU!

The Report shows the specifics of the Polish angel investment market. By reading the Report you will find out:

Who are the business angels?

How do they invest?

How were they active in 2021?

These are some of the many questions we answer. We present the profiles of top Polish business angels based on interviews.  What's more, the report highlights key events and investments that took place in 2021.

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"I fully believe in the potential of startups, which if managed well can turn an idea into a high-profit business.

They can be an excellent testing ground for future mass consumer trends. With the financial support, as well as the know-how of their managers and large organizations, it is often possible to scale the concepts they develop."

Rafał Brzoska
Founder and CEO of InPost

„Our Report is the first attempt to present the state of the business angel market in Poland, which will certainly contribute to its further development.

Based on the example of Western Europe and the observed increasing interest in startup investments, I am convinced that in the coming years, there is a huge potential for growth for the business angel market in Poland. One of the ways to stimulate this growth is to inform and educate the market.”

Dominik Krawczyk
Chief Operations Officer, Cobin Angels

„Professionally gathered angel investment data is very important to understand the development of the investment market

and communicate to potential new angel investors and other market players the market trends, dynamics, and returns. Data serves as an important tool to communicate the impact made by angel investments to all stakeholders at the city and country levels."

Janne Jormalainen
EBAN President  

„The Report's content indicates to those interested in becoming a business angel that this is a great time to start such an activity.

The market is mature enough to offer developed solutions and standards of cooperation while retaining a very high growth potential.”

Tomasz Laskowicz
Community Manager, Polish Angels

"An invaluable resource that business angel often has at their disposal is a network of contacts.

This added value brought by the investor can become a huge asset for accelerating growth, improving the product, or motivating the team."

Olga Sobieraj
Marketing and Business Consultant, Advisor and Mentor to Boards of Directors, 2021 Business Angel of the Year Ecosystem Award winner

"Being a business angel is also one of the growth paths for top executives and mature entrepreneurs.

Cooperation with startups can be a source of inspiration and new knowledge, and for some, it can be an idea for their future professional paths."

Wojciech Kostrzewa
President of Polish Business Roundtable, business angel, CEO Billon Group

"Recently, the business angel community in Poland has been developing very dynamically.

Not only the number of people who invest in startups is growing (e.g. the number of applications for the Business Angel of the Year Competition by COBIN Angels has doubled in the last year), but also the value of invested capital is increasing. In the market, we can see that clear segments of investors with different profiles are starting to appear."

Wiktor Namysł
Partner in a consulting firm, business angel, Chairman of the Business Angel of the Year Competition Jury

Find out how do the best business angels invest!

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