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How do the best business angels in Poland invest?

Polish angel investment market in 2022

The Report presents the characteristics of angel investments made by the best business angels in Poland. It is a perfect source of knowledge for present and future private investors.

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What will you find in the Report?

Business Angel Investment Market Statistics

and detailed information on investments

Business angels profile information and bios

and investment preferences

The most important startup investments

with business angels involvement in 2022

Comments by the most experienced angels

including Rafał Brzoska and Wiktor Schmidt

Discover data and opinions about the early-stage investment market in Poland and the EU!

The Report shows the specifics of the Polish angel investment market. By reading the Report you will find out:

Who are the business angels?

How do they invest?

How were they active in 2022?

These are some of the many questions we answer. We present the profiles of top Polish business angels based on interviews.  What's more, the report highlights key events and investments that took place in 2022.

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The role of business angels in Poland is invaluable, especially at a present, when the number of active funds investing at the pre-seed and seed stages is rapidly decreasing.

The best period for investing is still ahead of us and will last at least until mid-2025.

Paweł Maj
Partner at Warsaw Equity Group

We need more companies actively improving the state of the world, which, while increasing their value and revenue, also solve the world's problems rather than create them.

Impact-driven startups are born out of the founders' immense passion, a profound social mission, a dominant need to fix the world, thinking in terms of the common good, and addressing the most crucial challenges we face.

dr hab. Bolesław Rok
profesor zarządzania, mentor, laureat konkursu Business Angel of the Year 2022 za szczególny wkład w rozwój Impact Investingu w Polsce

The role of business angels in Poland is invaluable, especially at a present, when the number of active funds investing at the pre-seed and seed stages is rapidly decreasing.

The best period for investing is still ahead of us and will last at least until mid-2025.

Paweł Zylm
Anioł biznesu, przedsiębiorca, mentor, Prezes BRE Ubezpieczenia TUiR S.A. (2007-2015),  Laureat konkursu Business Angel of the Year 2020

We are at the very beginning of market development, but the pace is very high.

With the current level of inflation, any solutions that generate real savings will be eagerly tested and implemented.

Adam Radzki
Anioł Biznesu, przedsiębiorca, Członek Zarządu Benefit Systems SA  (2017-2021)

It seems that the market and valuations of startup projects will just start to to increase around the turn of this year, while the real revival will come in the second half of 2024.

Angel investments, although usually smaller in volume compared to fund investments, are valuable support, especially for companies in the early stages of development.

Wojciech Pysiewicz
Założyciel WP2 Investments

I have  never been so positively inclined towards investing in Polish and regional  innovations as I am now.

The last several months have been the most challenging period in the technology sector for many years. (...) It's no longer just about rapid growth, but the path to actual profits and the idea of how to build it.

Wiktor Schmidt
Executive Chairman & Co-founder Netguru

The combination of the freshness of a startup with the experience and know-how of business angels is invaluable.

Business success is a combination of belief in one's idea, perseverance, and the courage to challenge established norms.

Rafał Brzoska
Założyciel i prezes InPost

The activity of individuals who are seasoned in the battles of running their own tech company is heartening. After achieving success there, they start investing in other ventures. This is a very positive trend, as it involves the transfer of truly invaluable experience and knowledge (...).

PhD Kamil Gemra
Doktor nauk ekonomicznych w dziedzinie  finansów, adiunkt w Kolegium Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie Szkoły Głównej  Handlowej, członek rad nadzorczych

A Business Angel who chooses to share their business experience with Founders is often worth more than the capital they contribute.

We have  enriched ourselves as a society – the group of potential private investors  has significantly grown – just like the supply of interesting projects  seeking funding.

Michał Miszułowicz
Dyrektor ds. współpracy z sektorem Innowacji,  Bank BNP Paribas

growth in investments in tech companies withinthe Adria region, skyrocketing from around €300 million between 2016 and 2017to an impressive €3.45 billion between 2021 and 2022.

Slovenia has more likely untapped potential for cross-border investments within EU countries, rather than startups fundraising in the USA

Nina Dremell
President of Business Angels of Slovenia

The present time presents an opportunity for Polish angels. If utilized well, it can lead to spectacular exits in the future, which is something that everyone is hoping for.

Startups, driven by the wave of previous investments, are consistently seeking capital. This is a moment when angel funding is worth its weight in gold.

Szymon Janiak
Managing Partner & Co-Founder czysta3.VC

European continent has already over 39 400 active business angels, who are members of national or local business angel networks.

The European angel investment market is currently enjoying significant growth and interest among private investors

Janne Jormalainen
EBAN President  

A window of opportunity is opening for investors to pick out investment gems before valuations begin to soar.

Comparing the number of business angel activities in Poland to Western European countries, gives the impression that in this area, we can develop with even greater dynamism.

Tomasz Laskowicz
Community Manager COBIN Angels, PM 4NGELS programme

The voice of the new generation, which understands its role in the world differently than just generating profits, is becoming increasingly audible.

The market is more demanding, there is less money in the VC sector, so securing funding has become much more difficult.

Joanna Namysł
Business Angel

Diverse teams yield more innovative solutions and most importantly perform better.

Women's entry into angel investing means expanding opportunities, as more angel investors mean increased resources, capital, and support for all ventures!

Selma Prodanovic
Vice-President EBAN, CEO Selma Prodanovic Company

From the perspective of market development, the growing number of investors from year to year and, more importantly, the expanding knowledge and range of experience of Polish business angels is particularly significant.

Business angels invest at similar levels, but they approach investment decisions with more caution - spending more time on analysis, due diligence and round negotiations.

Dominik Krawczyk
Chief Operations Officer, Członek Zarządu COBINAngels, Członek Rady Nadzorczej Salesbook S.A.

Tensions in the global economy can negatively impact many industries, but for Polish businesses, including startups, opportunities can also arise.

The right time to invest in technological companies depends not only on timing but primarily on understanding the potential of a given enterprise.

Marek Dietl
Prezes zarządu GPW

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