June 21, 2021

"Pole Investor. Startup Investments" - new report is out

A new report by IKsync and Comparic Group, in partnership with COBIN Angels, uncovers the investment attitudes of Poles. The "Pole Investor. Startup Investments" report (Polak Inwestor. Inwestycje w Startupy) examined whether active investors are willing to take risks and devote their funds to early-stage companies and startups. The research project explored their interests, motivations, fears, and needs.

Commenting on the report, COBIN Angels' Managing Partner Paweł Michalski said: "Private investors, such as business angels, are an essential part of a healthy startup ecosystem. Hence, it is crucial to study how willing Poles are to invest, especially when it comes to risky early-stage investment. We educate these daring entrepreneurs, managers, and others and urge them to become business angels through our #BusinessAngelRevolution initiative."

The research project was aimed at individual investors, currently or formerly active in different asset classes and with different levels of investment knowledge. The project didn't collect responses from respondents who are yet to complete their first investment.

The results confirmed the Polish market's attractiveness for investors interested in startups. What's more, the investors' motivations and needs clearly show that lack of knowledge and access to information are important barriers to entering the market. This applies in particular to sourcing promising startups, their analysis and valuation, as well as exit conditions.

An incentive for potential business angels to expand their knowledge, and consequently to invest, maybe educational initiatives offered by institutions associated with the startup ecosystem.

Additionally, organizations such as COBIN Angels, business angels clubs and organizations, may provide private investors with the necessary expert support. According to the survey, assistance in the organization of the investment process, selection of startups, and risk analysis, is crucial when it comes to overcoming barriers and fears.

Access to such investment infrastructure not only allows for more thorough market analysis and reliance on proven standards and processes but also saves time. Moreover, within clubs and communities, new business angels can count on the support of more experienced colleagues and peers.

The full report can be downloaded HERE. Please note, it is written in Polish.

The Pole Investor research project was conducted by iKsync Digital and Comparic Group, under the patronage of PFR Ventures and Parkiet Gazeta Giełdy newspaper. Project partners included: Assay, BitHub, Cofounder Zone, Doradca TV, Inventity, Fundequate, Fund Industry Support, FXMag, GPW Atak, Pflaw Advocates and Partners, Qualia AdVisory, Rubicon Partners, Reaktor X, Smok Ventures, Snażyk Mordaka, Sterling Angels, Stockwatch, Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Indywidualnych, Wydawnictwo Finansowe Linia, and COBIN Angels.