May 28, 2021

COBIN Angels partners with Łódz Special Economic Zone on their new startup program

The Re_Source accelerator will support foreign startups setting up their operations in Poland. COBIN Angels’ experts will assist founders from the Visegrad Group, Belarus, Ukraine, and other countries with mapping the new market and finding Polish investors. The accelerator’s June launch is possible due to the Łódz Special Economic Zone (ŁSSE) and partners winning the Poland Prize competition organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).

Re_Source’s partners will offer young companies substantive support, training, mentoring, and knowledge necessary to reach new milestones in their projects and to complete them successfully - that is to create a working and marketable innovation.

“From the very beginning, COBIN Angels has been actively involved in the Polish startup ecosystem’s development,” stated Dominik Krawczyk, Head of Advisory at COBIN Angels. “Apart from supporting business angels in the investment processes, we are also providing comprehensive advisory assistance for startups. Being a part of the Poland Prize program is a natural way for us to share our experience with founders while introducing new, exceptional projects from abroad to our investors.”

As a Re_Source program’s partner, COBIN Angels will support startups in finding investors. A team of experts will provide founders with knowledge about the Polish startup ecosystem, help them to prepare investment materials, as well as connect them with the organization's network.

“I strongly believe that the comprehensive support we designed will contribute to the startups' further development,” added Krawczyk.

The program’s total budget amounts to PLN 13 million in funding, which means startups can receive even PLN 300 thousand per company. To receive the grant, young technologically advanced enterprises are expected to move to Poland, as well as develop and create their new innovations here. The accelerator will especially focus on IoT, 5G, marketing technologies, or beauty tech. The project is intended to be global – first startups from Singapore already showed interest in joining it.

Marek Michalik, ŁSSE’s President of the Board commented: “Startups play a key role in the Lodz Zone’s offer. In our portfolio, we have almost 150 young companies whom we’ve helped spread their wings. We have been recognized multiple times in the fDi Magazine's global ranking for our startup programs, 5G technology deployment and support of Industry 4.0.”

Apart from the Poland Prize grant, the project is financed from EU funds. Other content partners include Bluerank, Indigo Nails, Ericsson, EEC Magenta, CIC Warsaw, Venture Café Foundation, ZIPSEE / Digital V4, Input Program from Hungary, and Ericsson Garage.