April 13, 2021

COBIN Angels is part of Hashiona's €450,000 pre-seed round

A virtual clinic and all-in-one platform for patients living with Hashimoto disease and hypothyroid, Hashiona, is entering a new stage in its development. With a pre-seed round of €450,000, it will be able to reach new English and German-speaking users. The list of investors includes several COBIN Angels club members, as well as Draper University, KAYA, DFRI, and Calm/Storm.

The innovative Polish-British startup is the first comprehensive online platform for Hashimoto patients. Since the release of the product's first version earlier this year, the popularity of the app has been steadily growing, as shown by the increasing number of users.

The Founder and CEO, Eva Galant, said: "It is estimated that in five to ten years, the awareness of Hashimoto's disease will be as high as it is for diabetes today. The fact that so many major investors are investing in our product shows just how big a problem we have. We believe that Hashiona will provide the right help to all who are struggling with thyroid disease."

Hashiona was founded in early 2020 to shed light on autoimmune diseases and their implications for patients' health. These conditions can be mitigated, but are difficult to cure. The goal of the app is to improve the quality of life for Hashimoto patients and ultimately help them achieve remission.

Hashimoto's is one of the fastest-growing diseases of civilization today. As such, Hashiona's market is colossal - at least 480 million patients who have been successfully diagnosed. The actual number of patients may even double, because thyroid diseases are often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, but can also have a genetic basis.

"Hashiona represents exactly the type of investment our business angels are interested in," stated Paweł Michalski, COBIN Angels' Managing Partner. "A well-thought-out idea, a realistic business plan combined with a growing market need, plus a passionate, dedicated founder to top it all." Now, business angels will take an active role in the company as strategy advisors. They will also offer help by opening secret doors and introducing the founders to their personal network.

The team behind Hashiona, Eva and software engineer Konrad Koniarski, pay great attention to both the complexity of the issue they are tackling and the variety of approaches that should be used to solve it. In addition to the app itself, patients will gain access to a step-by-step program guiding them to remission. The program will be customized for users based on their lifestyle and test results.

There will be tips on literature to read, movies to watch, and even dietary suggestions. The recommendations include blood tests to take, exercise and audio programs, as well as unlimited conversations with doctors. The Hashiona app has an education layer too: users are given suggestions on what lifestyle habits and supplements they should try to get back on track and regain their life balance by controlling their disease symptoms.