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founders / ceo

Krzysztof Malowany (CEO)






KSM Vision

KSM Vision provides high-quality solutions for optical quality control systems. To meet quality standards of fabricated parts,manufactures still use manual labor for complex quality inspection. Traditional machine vision systems based on a set of human-defined rules are also used,however they are insufficient.

Given their low accuracy, false-positive rates are high (up to 40 percent) which results in costly unnecessary discards. Moreover, recalibrating the system is lengthy and complex, which is unacceptable for short product series.

To answer this challenge, KSM Vision designs dedicated machine-learning-based systems. As an integrator, the startup provides comprehensive solutions. The quality control systems are designed to fit any production line and ensure repeatable conditions for image acquisition. Systems are equipped with rejection unit. Dedicated software allows detailed data analysis, visualization, automatic reporting and alerting.

The currently existing solutions include controlling soft pharmaceutical capsules, plastic packaging pouches, paving,wood, and x-rays.