All-in-one platform and virtual clinic for Hashimoto patients.



founders / ceo

Ewa Galant (CEO)







Hashiona improves the day-to-day quality of life for Hashimoto patients and helps them get into remission. With the use of an online app, the startup provides education in the form of self-tracking tools & connect them with clinicians worldwide via telemedicine.

Using patients’ data and AI, Hashiona offers insight into their health conditions and discover individual health patterns. Users receive suggestions on what lifestyle habits and supplements they should change to get them back on track. With the use of the platform, they can regain their life balance by keeping their symptoms under control.

Even before the official launch, the creators of Hashiona have received queries from more than 2000 patients from around the world. The startup has been featured more than 20 times in the press, including Sifted and all main Polish media. Now, the Hashiona app is available in Polish, however English and German versions will be launched shortly.

The size of the market, the project's genuine impact on patients' lives, as well as the drive and dedication of the founder were what attracted several of COBIN Angels club members to this investment opportunity. While some specialize in MedTech, others were glad to get involved with a startup with such promising potential. Our business angels will take an active role in the company as strategy advisors. They will also offer help by opening secret doors and introducing the founders to their personal network.