October 11, 2022

Recruitment for the Digital Health-Start me up course is underway!

The target of the DIGITAL HEALTH - START ME UP course is to develop the knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully innovate in the era of healthcare digitization.

It is dedicated to healthcare leaders interested in digital solutions and in particular:

  • Innovators looking to fund their ideas from both a Venture Capital and reimbursement perspective within the public healthcare system
  • Pharma & medtech employees open to innovative approaches to building value for their products based on digital solutions
  • Decision makers in the public healthcare sector creating pathways for innovation to increase the efficiency of clinical practice operations

50% of the course is taught in English.

The course leaders are Professor Katarzyna Kolasa and Anna Zawada.

"Achieving success in the healthcare market requires a different way of thinking in the digital age. Data makes everything interconnected. - says DH-SMU Course Leader - There is no longer product A and product B. Health outcomes are driven by the synergy between A and B. Therefore, the success of an innovation launch will only be achieved if the vision of the technology designers fits into the clinical capabilities of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Only with this synergy can we build solutions to effectively meet patient needs, which is a challenge that healthcare professionals face every day. The Digital Health Start Me Up course is designed as a meeting place for different stakeholder groups working towards the same ultimate target - improving patients' lives. Digitization is changing the healthcare system irrevocably. The growing amount of data is helping us to better treat and understand patients' needs. We just have yet to learn how to operate and collaborate in this new reality. Data is a tool that provides us with a sense of community of target more than ever before. We need to work together! We can start during the Digital Health Start Me Up course - You're invited!"

The course addresses the Digital Health mindset concept of digital innovation in depth

The course will address questions such as:

  • How data-driven innovation is transforming healthcare - lessons from successes and failures in implementing digital health solutions around the world
  • Digitization in healthcare - key definitions, EU/US regulatory framework, health intellectual property (IP) and data privacy (HIPPA, RODO)
  • From digital endpoints to added value (the "more than a pill/device" concept) - key lessons from partnerships between pharma & medtech and digital solution developers

More information about the course and enrollment rules are available on the organizer's website, at this link: