July 12, 2023

Open Investment Session of impact startups

An Open Investment Session of Impact Startups was held on 12 July.

During the session, three innovative impact startups were presented, which were awarded as part of the Kozminski University competition in Warsaw.

The session was attended by investors from COBIN Angels, and interested investors from outside the club, accredited by the organiser. The investors participated both in person at the CIC building in Warsaw and remotely.

The presented startups aroused great interest among the investors. The startups included a producer of tasty meat substitutes, a solution to reduce plastic consumption and an innovative biodegradable product.

The Open Investment Session was an initiative of the COBIN Angels and clubs in cooperation with the Kozminski University in Warsaw. During the session, a brief introduction was given by Professor Boleslaw Rok, Przemek Pohrybieniuk and Dominik Krawczyk.
Open Investment Session of Impact Startups, CIC Warsaw