November 7, 2022

Debate: Role models among the polish business angels & market perspective

What was the average annual investment budgetof business angels?
Has it already exceeded half a million in 2022?
Is it agrowing alternative or a complement to the venture capital fund market? Whatareas were angels most likely to invest in?
Is it still "Health &Biotech", "Fintech" and "GreenTech (GreenTechnologies)"? And what is Impact Investing?
Why does most of the investment go to startupsthat are not yet generating revenue? What opportunities and threats does thispresent? Why is it still a male-dominated market, and what perspective do womenbring?
Representatives from the world of businessangels will discuss these and other issues related to the angel investment market.

We invite you to the debate:


Time: 10.11 at 17:15 - 18:00

Place: Venture Cafe, Chmielna 73, Varso Place building

More info: https://venturecafewarsaw.org/event/Thursday-gathering123-entrepreneurship/

The panel is organized by COBIN Angels, a clubof individual investors (business angels) launched in 2015 in Warsaw. COBINAngels brings together and supports individual investors who are involved inthe development of companies with high growth potential, namely startups. Morethan 150 investors cooperate with the club on a daily basis. In addition to itsinvestment activities, COBIN Angels conducts educational and informationalinitiatives to promote the activities of business angels in Poland.

In pursuit of this mission, a new 5th editionof the Business Angel of the Year competition will be launched in November.

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1. Bartek Pucek - widely known in the Polishstartup ecosystem thanks to his newsletter pucek.com and podcast seriesTechnologicznie. He is equally involved in supporting startups in hisportfolio: Ramp Network, Vue Storefront, or MyCointainer. Finalist for BusinessAngel of the Year 2021.

2. Olga Sobieraj - business and marketing consultant,mentor for EMCC, MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, Entrepreneurial Women's Network, andBusiness Women Leaders Foundation. She specializes in offline and onlineretail, fintech, martech and retail tech, and the Health and Beauty industry.Winner of Business Angel of the Year 2021 in the Ecosystem Award category.

3. Dr. Maciej Kawecki - Pro-rector of the WSBin Warsaw, President of the Lem Institute, honored with the title of "themost influential person in the Fin-Tech industry in Poland (Fin Tech Awards2022)". Popularizer of Polish innovations and member of the Business Angelof the Year Chapter.

4. Robert Ługowski - Founder and ManagingPartner at COBIN Angels

5. moderated by Joanna Jasinska, COO VCLeaders and editor of the podcast series on investing in startups"#StartupChat".  

Participation in the meeting is free,registration is required (on-site or on the organizer's website venturecafe.org).
The debate can also be followed via a webcast available on COBIN Angels' Linkedin profile: