June 13, 2023

Club meeting of COBIN Angels members

Investors of COBIN Angels Club and ImpactAngels.pl met on Tuesday 13th June in Warsaw at Whisky and Wine.

Investors were welcomed by COBIN Angels representatives Robert Ługowski, Dominik Krawczyk, Przemek Pohrybieniuk and Tomasz Laskowicz.

The meeting included an educational presentation on investment opportunities arising from the development of artificial intelligence. Rafał Tromczynski from Digital First AI was the invited expert who gave a power speech.

During the presentation, investors were able to taste the best whiskies served by whisky and wine specialists. The presentation on Artificial Intelligence was followed by a presentation of spirits and their varieties, which gave a better understanding of the depth of flavour of different whiskies.
The next meetings of the club members in an unusual location are coming up soon. The stationary meetings are very popular with club members and complement the core business of the COBIN Angels Club, which is the organisation of investor meetings.
People interested in investing in technology companies, expanding their network of contacts and building long-term business relationships are welcome to join the Business Angels Club.