October 19, 2020

Building the Investor Community with Cambridge Innovation Center

We are building the first investor-focused hub in Poland together with Cambridge Innovation Center Warsaw

We are proud to announce that COBIN Angels established a partnership with the Cambridge Innovation Centre in Warsaw. Together, our goal is to create the Investors Community – a hub for business angels, venture capitalists, and other investors dedicated to supporting innovation and new technologies.

The Investors Community will be a platform for education, networking, and co-investment with local and foreign players. Operated by COBIN Angels, the largest professional association of business angels in Poland, the community will serveas a point of contact for early-stage investors such as international Venture Capital funds or business angels seeking opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Since its inception, COBIN Angles had the ambition to change the culture of investing in Poland. Now, with our new partner CIC Warsaw, we will take the next step in this direction. The Investors Community will attract both regional players and foreign capital looking to delve deeper into the growing CEE tech market. Simply, it will be the place to be for any investor venturing into the world of early-stage, high-risk funding.

The idea behind theInnovation Campus, where the new community has its home, is based on the concept that the proximity of innovators to accessible capital can only lead to growth and benefit all involved parties. Within the Campus, the headquarters of CIC Warsaw and Venture Cafe Warsaw Foundation, there are several initiatives aimed at the Polish innovation market. A number of other industry hubs already announced their cooperation with CIC. They will focus on sectors such as real estate, space, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Now, thanks to the joint initiative between COBIN Angels and CIC Warsaw, investors focused on ground-breaking technologies and revolutionary innovations will find their own home in the Investors Community.