SaaS – based software improving the sales process. Due to advanced algorithms it searches for potential leads and automates contact.


Innovative sales and pitching tool for mobile sales teams, whose goal is to reach the client, analyse its needs and in real-time propose a solution.


NOA develops a new generation of underwater drones, which change the way we explore oceans and seas, while reducing the costs of doing so by 40%.


Wisene is the first automatic, laser-using tech tool, monitoring roofs using a network of wireless sensors.


Synthex Technologies ofers advanced chemical services in reverse engineering and chemical analysis. Their solutions are used in the pharma and electricity industries.


A small, interactive robot, commanded via a mobile app. Gets children to start their journey into programming, teaches them to code and logical thinking – even before they can write.


Innovative platform helping creditors regain their liabilities by themselves or outsource it to specialist and monitor effects in real time.


A perfectly built electric bike, who can also be quickly folded and taken into office spaces or home.

ACR Systems

Advanced Cinema Robotic System makes the most advanced and of highest quality stabilizers for professional cameras used by the Cinema industry all over the world.


An innovative shifter – capable of much more than the traditional ones. Changing brakes can be done during stop, and takes less time.


A distribution platform for retail banks based on a social platform. Allows for better offers for clients and preserving margins for the banks by slashing marketing costs.

Perfect Dashboard

Perfect Dashboard eases managing multiple websites based on WordPress, Joomla and other popular content-management tools. Enables automoatic updates, backups and reports.


Link2i is a database technology guaranteeing security and high efficiency, enabling an easier administrative proces and real-time data processing.