For investors

Who does belong to Cobin Angels

Cobin Angels associates individual investors (Business Angels), willing to engage in the development process of young tech companies and start-ups with high growth opportunities. The sum of their collective experiences allows for an incremental increase in value and financials, while decreasing the amount of rookie mistakes in the early days of any business.


Why would You invest in a Start-Up?

An investment in an innovative company in its early days is an opportunity for an above-average rate of return, going in the hundreds percent category. The process of selecting the right ones and coordinating the investment process requires knowledge and the right tools. Cobin Angels supports investors in these, whether at the stage of defining an investment strategy, selecting companies, the investment process itself and managing investments.


What does research say?

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, having a Business Angels in a start-up:

  • Increases more than 4-fold the chances of going public or selling the company,
  • Increases 2-fold the chances of obtaining another round of funding,
  • Increases the chances of success by 50%,
  • Start-ups with a Business Angel have on average 30 to 50% higher revenues.

Cobin Angels selects Projects with ready product/service and a validated need for it in the target market.

What do You get for being in

  • Access to the best tech companies in their early stage. We provide access to the most valuable companies on the market. We source ourselves as well as through trusted partners. Every month we hold an Investment Session, giving the best  startups an opportunity to present at front of our investors. Some of them can also get one-to-one meeting.
  • Selection and time efficiency. We actively seek for the most promising companies; monitoring the market, verifying and selecting companies. Around 1 in 10 of the best gets a chance to present in front of the Investors. Some investors engage themselves in the selection process – at the Investment Committee. Our member have access to an up-to-date, trusted, comprehensive and organized review of the potential investments.
  • Limiting investment downside. Companies invited to Our Investment Sessions have a unique, ready for expansion product/service developed by a strong team, joined with our work methodology and the experience of Our Business. All of those limits the risks usually associated with this asset class.
  • Individual Tailoring. We match Projects with individual needs of Our investors through the on-demand service. On Their behalf we analyse and present the most promising companies in the selected market.
  • Investment Partners. Having multiple Investors in one of Our portfolio companies is standard. If needed, we also invite institutional partners to match the needs of the companies. By investing through our Syndicate Model, our club members can participate in big investments with smaller tickets.
  • Smooth investment process. We ensure a smooth investment process end-to-end – 15 portfolio companies and counting.
  • Corporate Governance. On behalf of Our client we deal with corporate governance of the portfolio companies, ensuring the realization of strategic goals, the execution of the financial plan, and risk management matters.
  • Network and Knowledge. We develop an investment ecosystem and invite to numerous events to grow and learn from like-minded people. The Cobin Angels Club meeting takes place 4 times a year – it’s a comfortable way to meet, exchange information and deepen relations.

We welcome You to take part in a trial Investment Session.