For entrepreneurs

Selection Criteria

We invest in companies in the early stages (pre-round A); however we ideally would like You to have a ready/PoC’d product/service and a complete founding team.

Our members have experience in multiple markets, including – IT, Telco, Engineering, Energy, Healthcare, Biotech, E-commerce, Lifestyle/Marketing, Art Business.


Profits for the Entrepreneur

The investment round ranges in the PLN 500k – 5M. Our portfolio companies also increase their chances of getting further investments from within the network; we help and organise next rounds with our international partners.

Business Angels engage deeply in the companies They invest in, giving – according to the specific needs – help in technology-related matters, supply-chain planning, financial and international expansion. Start-ups get trusted mentors and access to their network.

Cobin Angels is a member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network), which connects nearly 200 international organisations helping investors and companies. It is also a source for Us of international partners for Our portfolio companies.

We move fast and are not limited by the administration. The investment process lasts between 1 and 4 months, starting at the Investment Session. We are not limited by public funding or grants.

When working with private investors, the team keeps a freedom in running the company. The rules of cooperation are flexible and adjusted to individual preferences. A close relation with the investor allows for an implementation of an optimal strategy of cooperation and a smart evaluation of the effects.

On each stage of collaboration we help start-ups prepare for the meeting with potential investors, gather needed documents, address the needs of Business Angels and prepare a pitch deck.

How does the Investment Process Run

  1. Application
    Apply by filling out the submission form underneath. Before, make sure to understand our Terms of Use, which will help You get ready to work with us.
  2. Analysis of Your Idea
    Our analists will verify your application in terms of coherence with our Investment Criteria. This will take between 2 to 4 weeks. Afterwards, we’ll contact those that we deem compatible.
  3. Pitching
    Every month we hold an Investment Session, giving a few of the startups an opportunity to present before investors. Some of them can also get one-to-one meeting.
  4. Negotiations
    If there’s interest in You, we’ll arrange further meetings, analyse further data and help in a effective communication. If needed, we search for partners to helps us deliver You even more.
  5. Investment
    We coordinate the investment process and help You close the investment round.