We’re a group of people experienced in business – CEOs, Founders and Top Managers of Polish and international firms, joining forces to help start-ups with capital, know-how and our network.

Become an Investor

Members of the Club gain an unparalleled access to the most dynamic companies on the market seeking for an investor. More than 30 of them can be met during Investment Sessions. Cobin Angels’ team coordinates the investment process and sources investment partners.

Submit Your Project

Companies cooperating with Us have the possibility to obtain up to PLN 5M and non-capital help with, amongst others, distribution, logistics or production (so called smart-money). Within our global web of contacts We help start-ups scale internationally.

Knowledge and Experience

We have a strong practice in M&A, international expansion and Exits from investment. We cooperate on a daily basis with VC and PE funds, other business angels networks, investment boutiques, Family Offices and independent investors.